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From the UtaPuri 2000% official web page.

I just sat here screaming at my screen as I saved them. ESPECIALLY THAT FIRST SET HOMIGOSH.

During the theater live, when they do have this in the theaters, some one is going to have to HOLD ME THE HELLSES DOWN when Mamo and Tatsu hit that stage.  OMG Tatsu…OMG headset…omg CHOREOGRAPHY. And Mamo..~~~~!!!!! Just imagining you singing “CRYSTAL TIME” sparkles, sparkles everywhere~~!!!

AND LOOK AT THE DORKS that are SuzuKen and Maenu duking it out with their sword and staff during the talk section XD XD XD

And MoriShou and his maracas~~!! 

Announce the theater dates already please? m(_ _)m

Granrodeo & ST☆RISH in Tower Records tops for 2013


#Granrodeo & #ST☆RISH in Tower Records tops for 2013

Tower Records released their 2013 “Top 5″ for various categories today, with Granrodeo and ST☆RISH ending up in one each:

Anison Singer/Seiyuu CD

  1. シンガーソングライター– Sakamoto Maaya
  2. claire –Hanazawa Kana
  4. エウアル–…

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Kisho Taniyama is the seiyuu of Satsuki Shinomiya (Uta no Prince-sama!).

I’ve decided to put Satsuki instead of Natsuki. Because I want to pair the fierce picture of Taniyama-san with another fierce picture of Satsuki. xD


chara & voice book part4

Hey tumblr. Look what you did to me.



-From Shouta Aoi’s blog !!!

*screams in the corner*

…. i just love seeing their smiles especially kiiyan, mamo and terashii

ah boys stop harassing my heart